3 Natural Ways To Clean Shower Glass Door

3 Natural Ways To Clean Shower Glass Door - Carolina Grout Pros

Glass shower doors bring a touch of sophistication to our bathrooms. However, these doors tend to become quite dirty over time. Soap scum, tough stains, and spots are annoying to remove and can feel like a battle. Hard water and soap are the main culprits for scum and stain formation. They accumulate on shower screens […]

Kitchen & Bath Cleaning & Restoration

Kitchen & Bath Cleaning & Restoration - Carolina’s Grout Pro’s

The major issue in the kitchen is fat stains, while the bathroom loses its shiny and clean look due to water and soap residue. Whether or not you clean your bathroom or kitchen weekly, enlisting the services of dedicated home cleaning specialists can solve your crucial problems.  Bathroom: The Comfortable Place  The bathroom is the […]