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Now you will have low maintenance grout that is easy and quick to clean.
Your shower will need to cure for 48 hours once we are complete and you should never clean with anything that contains bleach as it will break down the sealer. You wont need the power of bleach now that your shower is properly sealed.

Carolinas Grout Pros’ Shower Services 

Can you imagine that the place supposed to bring you the most cleanliness and hygiene has accumulated the most dirt and bacteria?  No worries. Our shower services can help you restore the bathroom to an entirely new original state.

We Eliminate Various Types of Stains in Your Bathroom

There are various kinds of stains you may find in your bathroom; we use a different cleaning method for each type. Here are the most common ones:

1- Iron

Excess iron in water, especially well water, can cause red or orange stains. These are often seen where the water stops flowing, such as on the shower floor or in the bathtub. To remove these stains, one can use diluted acid solutions in addition to descaling to dissolve the stain.

2- Acidic Water

If the pH of the water is lower than 7, it may leave a green coating. It can damage the bathroom’s plumbing, joints, and waterproofing in the long run.

3- Hard & Salty Water

Hard water with a high content of minerals such as magnesium and calcium results in a white coating. These stains are calciferous and can be seen on faucets, showers, and bathroom surfaces. Excess limescale can also damage water-based appliances.

4- Manganese

Typically, untreated water contains a high concentration of manganese. Although this element is generally beneficial to health, its high amount leaves brown deposits.

5- Tannins

Tannins in well water or other natural organic matter will leave yellow stains on bathroom tiles and floors.

In addition, bacteria, mold, or fungus can also accumulate on tiles, grout, around fixtures, and grout lines. This not only makes the bathroom look unsightly and surfaces lose their shine but can also cause illness. The constant foul smell is another consequence of mold growth.

How We Remove Stains

The longer it takes for stains to appear, the harder it is to clean. There are four general parts to cleaning the bathroom:

1- Ceramic surfaces and tiles 

2- Faucets and metal parts 

3- Glass 

4- Grout and seals

If the residue and stains are not very old or the grout and tiles are not damaged, we can repair and clean the bathroom using standard household methods. Otherwise, our team of experts with the necessary equipment can solve the problem for you.

Most of the time, we spray the proper cleaning solution (chosen according to the type of stain) on the surfaces, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, and then remove the stain with a sponge.

Challenges in the Bathroom

Of the above four parts, cleaning and restoring joints and grout are the most difficult tasks for the following reasons:

1- The salts in water will cause sediment or bacteria to penetrate a porous surface. In this case, no matter how much sponge and scalpel you use, the dull yellowish color will remain on the tiles.

2- The grout lines may have been cracked or damaged by improper cleaning products or impact and will need to be replaced. In this case, further dirt and fungi may penetrate the damaged areas. Water intrusion will also damage the structure and cause a lingering foul odor.

3- It may be that only the grout needs to be reconstructed. In this case, everything will be restored to its original condition with high pressure and heat using water, vacuum, and suction. If necessary, a new sealant is also injected in the same color as the healthy areas.

4- In the corners, the access and efficiency of the brush and sponge are lower, and dark-colored spots are usually seen, which are a sign of fungus and mold. The most effective way to scrub these spots is to use steam and vacuum. 

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Shower services from Carolinas Grout Pros will remove all these deposits from your bathroom. Our years of experience will guarantee you the quality you want and a satisfactory result. It does not matter if it’s caulking, replacement, or repairs. You can confidently leave your crisis to us. For a free estimate, call or text us at 803-610-7387.