Professional Travertine Paver Services

Travertine is commonly used on pool decks because it comes in a variety of colors as well as installation styles and looks great on poolside areas.

However, after a year, you may see some fading due to direct sunlight. Also, because most travertine pavers are laid without sanding, any natural holes and pits will begin to accumulate sediments. Mold/mildews and algae can also cause the joints between the tiles to discolor.

We enjoy diamond honing, polishing, and cleaning travertine inside your home as much as we enjoy restoring travertine pavers outside pool decks. We treat travertine differently in an outside installation than inside since the demands vary. Once travertine has been cleaned, sanded, and sealed with Seal N Lock, that’s when the real difference reveals itself. 

Maintenance Equals Lifelong Service

If you have travertine in your home or property, you must maintain it. Travertine cleaning is difficult since all acidic liquids and compounds can destroy the stone, from soft drinks and juice to chemical cleaners and chlorine. 

Proper care and upkeep are even more important for homeowners who’ve chosen travertine as their patio material around a pool or pond. Furthermore, because travertine is easily etched and scratched, heavy patio furniture can quickly harm the stone if it isn’t properly polished and maintained. 

Suppose there are already scratches or damage on the surface. In that event, we can buff or hone it to restore the natural finish before applying the sealant to avoid further damage. For those of you who’re concerned about existing dents and scratches in your stone tiles, we provide:

  • Travertine polishing

  • Paver Honing

  • Travertine cleaning

  • Restoration services

Importance of Professional Travertine Paver Services 

Mold and germs can thrive in pores found inside and on the travertine surface. While it may appear that simply pressure washing the paver surface with cold water will eliminate the mold, this approach merely removes the leaf, leaving the spore intact.

Pressure washing mold with cold water is comparable to mowing the lawn. Grass grows back fuller and stronger after being chopped. Furthermore, pressure washing the pavers risks destroying the sand between the bricks as well as eroding the sand bed beneath the pavers, which can be costly to replace. Hence, you’ll need professional travertine paver services.

Mold and bacteria are killed on contact by our thorough cleaning procedure for travertine pavers. Additionally, professional cleaners know exactly how to handle various stones and in different settings.

Expert Knowledge at Your Disposal 

Depending on the finish and whether it’s sealed or left natural, cleaners should use different cleaning and maintenance guidelines and procedures on travertine. Travertine pavers should, in general, be cleaned and maintained with non-acidic chemicals. Moreover, it’s advisable to professionally clean them every few years to help them live longer and restore their original appearance. Also, it’s important to remember your seals need maintenance as well.

Depending on the type of sealer used, the method utilized to apply it, and the amount of traffic or use, your travertine sealer might have to be removed and reapplied once it begins to wear off. Stripping and sealing is a process that should be done every 2-10 years, depending on the type of sealer used, the area (indoor or outdoor), and the traffic (how often used).

We offer specialized stone tile cleaning and sealing services, including travertine stone floor and wall tiles. We provide both indoor and outdoor travertine tile solutions, travertine pavers, and liquid travertine. Bathroom travertine tiles or sandstone floors and walls; exterior tiles, stone pavers and tiles, clay and concrete pavers, pool mosaics, and flooring in porcelain or ceramic. We can handle whatever kind of tile you have.

Don’t Let it Get Too Late

If your travertine tiles or pavers appear stained, have divots, holes, scratches, dents, mold, mildew, water penetration, or any other form of staining or discoloration, you must first clean and restore them before sealing them. 

We recommend a professional treatment since a commercial-grade travertine sealer penetrates deep and cures properly. Of course, the stone needs to be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. In addition, if existing travertine damage is not repaired, it can gradually deteriorate to the point where replacement is the only choice. That’s a lot of money; don’t let it reach that point.

We are a travertine tile and grout cleaning, stripping, and sealing specialist. You’ve come to the perfect place if you need help cleaning your old stone floor and tile grout to make it appear like new and resealing it to keep it looking new.

If you have any additional questions about travertine tile polishing, cleaning, or sealing, or if you’re ready to schedule travertine pavers services, please contact us right away!