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Tile & Grout Cleaned by Professionals - Carolina’s Grout Pro’s

When you step into someone’s apartment, you’ll almost certainly notice tile flooring in the kitchen and bathroom—not only for aesthetic reasons but also for durability. In fact, there’s a good chance you have tile floors in your home as well. And rightfully so! Clean and tidy tiles, especially if they’re new, do a lot in terms of bringing life and beauty to your house.

However, no matter how often you clean your tile and grout, the tiles and grout lines between them become dirtier over time. Regular cleaning using water and detergent can actually alter the appearance of grout lines because they absorb those materials. This can cause discoloration over time.

Certain tiles may also begin to collect dirt, dulling their appearance and lowering the overall appeal of your tile floor. In light of this, it’s understandable many homeowners struggle to keep their tile flooring in a perfectly unsullied condition. This is where tile and grout cleaning services come in handy. If you’re not sure whether or not professional tile and grout cleaning is worth your money and time, ponder the following:

Professional Expertise

Professional cleaners are well-versed in their field. They know that tile and grout need to be cleaned differently using various equipment. They’ll definitely examine the floors, look for any damage and assess the state of your tiles and grout in order to determine what exactly needs to be done before the work begins.

There are numerous types of tiles, each requiring a distinct cleaning process. This could mean ceramic tiles need a different chemical solution than marble tiles. Or that the pressure necessary to clean porcelain tiles is less than that required to clean sandstone tiles. Some tiles may be in difficult-to-reach areas and necessitate the use of a specialized attachment.


Because grout is a porous material, it draws grime and stains, so every time you sweep, you’re actually contributing to the “mess.” Grout is the space between the tiles that range from 1-15mm (often more), and the wider the gap, the more cleaning is required. A specialist will inspect the sealant on the grout and use an emulsifying solution to effectively remove any dirt and grime. They’ll wash away the solution once it’s ready.

Health & Safety

You walk across the tiles in your home every day. Your children could drop food and drinks. Your dog may scratch itself, and your cat may sleep. It’s possible your shoes are muddy, or the wind has blown in that dust. Can you imagine what odors, allergies, and stains are doing to your tiles and grout?

Moreover, tile is usually found in wet areas (particularly bathrooms and kitchens), where mold frequently grows. If you have crawling babies or kids who play on the floor, or if anyone in your household has allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues, having professionally cleaned tile and grout is very helpful.

You won’t have to inhale the toxins included in most over-the-counter tile cleaners, either. The cleaners that the specialists use are non-toxic so that you won’t be breathing them in. Keeping your tile and grout germ-free is a crucial component of maintaining and cleaning a healthy house. You’ll receive not only brighter tile and grout but also a healthier home.

Time’s Valuable

Your time is a valuable commodity. We know there are many things you’d rather do instead of tile cleaning. You could do something more pleasurable with the time you would have spent cleaning your tiles. Spending time with family, engaging in a hobby, volunteering, and making the world a better place are all worthwhile pursuits. Perhaps even binge-watching Netflix.

So, instead of scrubbing your tile, save yourself some time. The cost of hiring professionals to clean your tile and grout is well worth your time.

Your time and your physical health are worth the cost of letting the professionals clean your tile and grout for you. Grout is incredibly porous, making it susceptible to accumulating dirt, bacteria, and mold. Even if you scrub your grout for hours, you won’t be able to remove the deep-down impurities in your tile and grout.

Advanced Cleaning Equipment

While we’re confident the detergents you use to clean your floors are safe, the porous nature of grout means that some of the solutions will be absorbed by the grout between your tiles. Water from the mop used to clean the floor will seep into the material, causing more discoloration.

On the other hand, professionals have access to cleaning products that are less easily absorbed, as well as modern equipment such as high-powered vacuums. They also use brushes specifically intended to remove dust and dirt from grout lines, dramatically improving the appearance of a tile floor.

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see why professional tile and grout cleaning is superior to routine cleaning and why homeowners would prefer the former.

A Smart Way to Save Money

How many times have you purchased cleaner after cleaner in the hopes of finding one that’s exactly what you’re looking for? Don’t you feel like it’s time to stop wasting money on cleaning products you don’t even know much about?

Professional tile cleaning solves this problem because the professionals know just what products to use on your tile. As we mentioned earlier, professional tile and grout cleaners have access to equipment that the ordinary public does not. Allowing them to use this equipment in your home will protect your tile and grout from being damaged or replaced sooner than necessary.

Experts will also give you advice on how to care for your surfaces so that you can significantly extend their life. Who doesn’t like spotless tiles?

Tile & Grout for a Lifetime

Suppose you usually clean your tile floor manually. In that event, you’ll find that numerous tiles have become loose due to an accumulation of waste beneath them, requiring repairs right away. If you hire specialists to do the cleaning, you can rest assured there’ll be no accumulation and hence fewer chances of tiles coming loose.

Professional cleaning of the tiles and grout can actually increase the life of your flooring, and regular maintenance (which we recommend once a year) can save you from having to replace the tiles and grout.

Additionally, professional tile and grout cleaning can prevent water damage caused by mold and mildew growing beneath the tiles. This not only loosens the tiles but also allows more water to infiltrate. Moreover, this causes more tiles to become loose in the future and damage the floor beneath your tiles.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Is Worth It

You can indeed do a lot of cleaning around the house on your own. Tile and grout surfaces, on the other hand, are the most prone to spills, bacteria, and soiling; these surfaces can become breeding grounds for hazardous allergies and bacteria and turn dingy over time.

Moreover, it’s not often evident how filthy your tile and grout flooring is. Hence, hire someone who knows what they’re doing and can perform the job properly instead of stressing yourself. You’ll end up loving the way your tile floors will look in just a few simple steps. Contact us to learn more.